My Community Involvement

I believe I should give back to the community I live in, and make it a fun place to live!
I have always been an active member of the community. I have volunteered for 12 years for the EF Foundation by coordinating and hosting exchange students.



Okotoks Branding Team

"We had the opportunity to assist the Town of Okotoks, Alberta with their branding efforts and Ana was a member of the Okotoks Brand Team. We LOVED working with her: She is energetic, enthusiastic, a good team builder, and with a European background adds a lot of knowledge of what works (and what doesn't) when it comes to community development, particularly in education. You'll love working with her!

Roger Brooks, Tourism Expert, Author, Speaker, Roger Brooks Int. 


My multicultural background and nature are expressed through my involvement with Rotary.



Okotoks Rotary

My multicultural background and passion for community has been expressd through Rotary. I have been member of Okotoks Rotary club since October 2011. I enjoy being involved in community and international projects but most of all hosting international exchange students. As a host family coordinator my roles is to recruit potential host families that are willing to welcome exchange student to their home for 3 months.

Some of our community projects were: building Westmount playground, raising funds for elevator in Seaman arena and Okotoks Food bank. International project was Wheel Chair project in Huatulco.

I am one of the supporters and organizers of Okotoks Network

Okotoks Network

Two main projects of Okotoks Network are: 1. Creating safe and connected Neighborhoods and 2. Landmark site and Downtown revitalization.

 After doing development Landmark site assessment, Mark Rowed and I have decided to go to Town Council and propose the site being utilized as community park for various events. Our first Town Council ask was Feb 13, 2013. Jan 27, 2014 Town Council has accepted our proposal to hire Roger Brooks to do downtown and Landmark assessment. Roger Brooks is schedule to come week of August 25, and public consultations will be held August 28th and 29th 2014. 

Teaching, sports and children are my passions: I coach Jack Rabbits in the winter and Soccer in the summer.

Okotoks Jack Rabbits Cross Country Ski Club (Crystalridge Nordic Cross Country Ski Club)


What a great way to shorten our winter! We started  winter 2012 at the Crystalride golf course with 50 members and soon expended to 80. I enjoy coaching and playing with little bunnies. It is all volunteer based and our sessions run from Dec 20th to March 10. 


Foothills Stingrays Swim Club

Our children are members of FSSC and I am an active volunteer. FSSC had a great 2014 year and is one of the most successful Swim Clubs in Canada.