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Okotoks commercial market still strong

Blog by Ana McFadyen | November 15th, 2016

While Calgary commeercial real estate is hurting Okotoks Commercial Real Estate is still strong! 

Today in Calgary's Herald: 
Calgary businesses are shutting down or moving at a record pace as a stagnant economy begins to exact a heavy toll, says the chamber of commerce.According to third quarter numbers obtained by Postmedia, nearly 2,000 Calgary businesses closed their doors over the summer, with another 1,785 changing addresses over the same three-month period.But even as the number of business closures and moves reaches new highs, there’s been a reciprocal boom in new startups, with many who’ve had their careers derailed in Alberta’s downturn setting down fresh entrepreneurial roots.According to the city, over the first nine months of the year some 6,176 new business licences have been taken out, giving some hope to business leaders.“We’re seeing technical people like engineers who’ve gone into entirely different lines of work like brewing,” Many of these businesses that are closing are long-standing with more jobs,” Crockatt said.“The trend of  appears to be increasing, and that’s a concern.”