Orange Jigsaw Real Estate is a popular and growing brokerage serving both Calgary and Medicine Hat area markets, and with more yet to come! It has been founded with options to save on real estate commissions along with a great team of highly professional and specialized agents. 

Why ‘Orange’ and why ‘Jigsaw’? Our high visibility orange signs have been catching the attention of homebuyers for many years and continue to aid in the selling process. Our jigsaw piece is symbolic of missing pieces that currently exists in the market place, which our real estate services fulfill. Also, jigsaw represents missing piece of your puzzle – trying to figure out where to live, which house to buy, what’s important in your lives at the moment.
We give our clients and customers the following options to save, and will be discussed with the agent at the initial meeting: 

FULL SERVICE: Our full Service option is competitive with much of the real estate industry. We offer reductions from the total payable commission when the home is sold, calculated on the sale price, depending on criteria being met:
  • 30-day sale savings. If your home sells quickly, then that is marketing expenses and time that the agent does not need to perform, which is then put directly in your pocket!
  • Seller/Buyer Deals. If your own marketing brings in a buyer and you both agree to have us facilitate the transaction, there would be no other agent to us to pay for Buyer services. In that case, a reduction in commission would be awarded back to you; the Seller. 
  • Purchase after sale. We would love to assist you in the purchase of your next home. As a thank-you for acting as your agent for a second time, we would refund, back to you, a portion of your commission that you paid to us in the sale of your home. 

Our FSBO options have been designed for the homeowner, who wishes to do little or a much of the work themselves, and save the money in the process. 
Our mission is: Profitable growth through superior customer service, commitment and perseverance creating client satisfaction and value for money. 
  • List Assist. In our opinion access to the Multiple Listing Service, MLS is a must for any home owner wishing to get their home noticed. The MLS is the largest database of house listings in Canada, where a large majority of people are looking to buy their next home. We help you put your house on MLS for a small fee, and then you sell it your way from there. 
  • Contract Assist. We were asked by customers who have used ‘List Assist’ to include an option for us to write up an executable contract for their pending sale. 
  • For a fee, we can assist customers writing a sale contract. 

Lots of costumers would go with known franchise, thinking it is more likely to sell the home. It is important to choose knowledgeable agent, and use MLS services with the right marketing.  Our commitment to you is Satisfaction Guaranteed: When you make the important decision to buy or sell a home, we are committed to going the extra mile to ensure that all of your needs are met, however you decide to proceed; your way….